Coronavirus Help & Support

Coronavirus Help & Support

It goes without saying that we always take hygiene infection/control very seriously. We are taking preventative measures to ensure that all of our patients and staff are protected from the Coronavirus.

Here’s what else we are doing:

  • Implementing pandemic viral infection policy for staff
  • Refreshed training for all staff on infection control
  • Placed awareness notices for patients inside and outside the practice

As a reminder, the single most important preventative measures remain as:

  • Using tissues when sneezing which can then be disposed of.
  • Frequent and thorough washing of hands

Common symptoms of the Coronavirus include:

  • High temperature or fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

We ask that if you have any of the above symptoms or are concerned that you may have been exposed to the Coronavirus, then please do contact us to arrange an alternative appointment.

Updates on public health advice for Coronavirus can be found on the NHS Inform website, and a free helpline has been set up for those who do not have symptoms but are looking for general health advice:  800-028-2816

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